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Old 03-30-2003, 08:30 AM
Todd7 Todd7 is offline
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Default Setting intial value in TDBLookupComboBox

How do I set the initial value in a TDBLookupComboBox?
I tried to set the file pointer in the underlying clientdataset for the ListSource to the record that I want displayed first (then the user can pick other records if they want). I used locate to move the current record pointer of the ListSource clientdataset, but the DBLookupComboBox is blank.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Old 03-30-2003, 11:26 AM
Eddy-B Eddy-B is offline
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Default RE: Setting intial value in TDBLookupComboBox


moving the filepoiter of the nested dataset has no effect on your lookupcombobox.
what you need to do is set your 'default' value in your master dataset:

let's say i have 2 datasets:
dbMaster and dbLookup

dbMaster has 1 field (field1), and dbLookup has 2 fields (lookup, and value)
dbMaster dbLookup
field1 lookup value
... 1 one
2 two
3 three
now, let's assume we add a record to the dbMaster dataset.
Set the value of 'field1' to '1' to set it's default value.
This will automaticly show 'one' in any lookupcombo

let me know if you're having trouble with this;



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