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Old 06-09-2012, 09:45 PM
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Default Pressing Caps-lock generates multiple events...

With Delphi 7, if I create a new application, create an OnKeyDown event on the main form, and set a breakpoint there, I notice that whenever Caps-Lock is pressed there are two events generated for a single-keypress - is this by design?

Where this (maybe) became an issue was with a little editor-app of mine where I was using the Shift key in conjunction with the 'Insert' key to differentiate between either inserting a comma or a period in the text. Whenever pressing Shift had immediately been preceded by a Caps-On, the Shift key was not registering as 'Shift' for that key-press - which I presumed had something to do with the multiple Caps-lock OnKeyDown events. It took a ugly piece of code to get around this. Ironically, the same code, but without this 'bodge' works perfectly when running on Linux Wine, so it appears to me that this has something to do with WinXP.

Just wondering if anyone has ever come across the same problem.
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