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Old 01-03-2001, 01:46 AM
Gul Gul is offline
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Default How to run Database application on the internet

Hi all

I have developed a delphi database application containing 3 forms.

1. Form1 displays whole database.
2. Form2 allows to search the stuff from database.
3. Form3 allows to insert records in the database.

This application works fine on my machine.

I want to put it on to the server (intranet), so that different people can access it via internet (explorer) at the same time and can view/insert details.

I can create an installation program to install it on each machine. But I wish it to place it on one place only and access it via the internet explorer.

Can anyone help me how can I run or put it on the server and run it via internet explorer.


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Old 01-03-2001, 02:04 AM
PoseFant PoseFant is offline
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Default RE: How to run Database application on the internet

This is possible using COM objects and ActiveX Server ...

Don't ask how ... I'm not into COM object programming ... )


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Old 06-08-2017, 07:20 AM
Merovingio Merovingio is offline
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I use for my app standard architetture PHP-MySQL.
Call PHP page to update.
I use C++ with unit in pascal.
function httpPost(URL : string; Params: TStrings) : string;
ret: string;
FHttp := TIdHTTP.Create(nil);
Result := FHttp.Post(URL,Params);
Result := 'httpPost Error URL:'+URL;
MessageDlg(Result, mtError, [mbOK], 0) ;

bool CallHttp(String page, TStrings * params) {
params->Text = httpPost(FOptions->edHttp->Text+page,params);
return params->Strings[0] == "OK";

void __fastcall TFDif::FormKeyUp(TObject *Sender, WORD &Key, TShiftState Shift)
int i;
String res;
TStrings * ss;

if(Key == VK_F9) {
ss = new TStringList;

res = Parse("~",FItems->Lines->Strings[ItemID],1);

res = Parse("~",FItems->Lines->Strings[ItemID],2);

if (ss->Strings[1] > "") {
MessageDlg(ss->Strings[1], mtInformation, TMsgDlgButtons() << mbOK, 0);
delete ss;
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Old 06-08-2017, 01:01 PM
Merovingio Merovingio is offline
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 30

// updef.php


$id = $_GET['id'];
$ind = $_GET['ind'];

$rec = sql("update pec set Indirizzo='$ind' where id=$id");
$rec = sql("select * from pec where id=$id");

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Old 06-08-2017, 01:02 PM
Merovingio Merovingio is offline
Join Date: Jun 2015
Posts: 30

this is updef.php


$status = "OK";
$field = "";

$id = $_POST['id'];

function setMsg($status,$field) {
if ($status <> "KO") {
echo "OK\nOperazione modifica '".$field."' acquisita\n";
} else {
echo "KO\nOperazione modifica '".$field."' NON acquisita\n";

function update($sql,$ind)
$field = " $ind=";
$status = "OK";
if(!sql("update pec set ".$sql)) $status = "KO";
return $field.$status;

$ind = $_POST['cap'];
$field = $field.update("cap='$ind' where id=$id",$ind);

$ind = $_POST['pro'];
$field = $field.update("prov='$ind' where id=$id",$ind);

$ind = $_POST['com'];
$field = $field.update("comune='$ind' where id=$id",$ind);

$ind = $_POST['ind'];
$field = $field.update("indirizzo='$ind' where id=$id",$ind);

$ind = $_POST['ind'];
$field = $field.update("attiva='S' where id=$id",'attiva');

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Old 06-09-2017, 01:44 AM
Marsheng Marsheng is offline
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I sort of want to hijack this thread a bit which will help clarify a few things.

I'm in the same situation. I have a database running on a Raspberry PI with LAMP for the MYSql. I can access the data with my Delphi code via the web. The Pi is great, runs 24/7 on about 3 watts of power. It is also fast.

I now want to access some of the data via the web without downloading a program. I have looked into HTML and soon discovered that I needed to use PHP as well in order to access the database. HTML can't do it. I then discovered that PHP can't return data to a static page, it has to rewrite the whole HTML page. If you want to dynamically populate a HTML page, then you have to add in javascript and Ajax. (At this point the Delphi IDE looks really great. )

So the question is, how to access database info ?

The reason I say hijack is I don't want code but a discussion on options on how to do this?

I have Delphi 10 and haven't looked at all it can do. Can it do something similar ?

The next question is, how do you want to access the data, Mobile Phone, Android, PC, Max or Linux ? - If the web, all platforms are supported.

At this point I think the Delphi code will be used for the back end and the HTML etc for the front end. I really am not keen on learning 4 or so new languages but I cant see any other way forward.

Any suggestions ?

Thanks Wallace
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Old 06-09-2017, 07:54 AM
Norrit Norrit is offline
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Well, in design I think there is already an issue.
Backend is more then just a database with which you connect. There should be a complete layer (actually multiple, but there's only 1 communication layer) which lets you interact with the db. This layer can be SOAP, but at the moment I'm more into using REST. That's just a choice.
This whole backend can be written in Delphi, since through Indy it supports building a SOAP/REST layer. I've left Delphi and write in C#, but again, that's a choice.

As for the frontend, there are several ways, but all require learning 1 or more new languages. In short web-development is not as straight-forward as windows application development.

I'm not sure if your question is concerning the backend or the frontend, but this is in short what the structure should be
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