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Old 01-15-2001, 01:56 AM
DelUS DelUS is offline
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Default Can you help me to adjust the speed of a wave file???


have a nice day.
i developed an application in which i am using TMediaplayer component for
playing a wave file.
how i can adjust the speed of a wave file?
is it work with TMediaplayer or should i use another component?
somebody told me that waveoutsetplaybackrate will change the speed.
if you have any code for this pls send it to me.
i can send to you a sample code for volume control using waveoutsetvolume
Thanks in advance
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Old 01-16-2001, 02:10 AM
osamaao osamaao is offline
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Default RE: Can you help me to adjust the speed of a wave file???

Hi :
your question is answered about a week a go, and this is the answer again :

first look at the article :,1410,20941,00.html

Check out the following function in the mmsystem unit.


from the API help:
Changing the playback rate does not change the sample rate but does change the playback time. Not all devices support playback rate changes. To determine whether a device supports playback rate changes, use the WAVECAPS_PLAYBACKRATE flag to test the dwSupport member of the WAVEOUTCAPS structure (filled by the waveOutGetDevCaps function).

Good luck, Osama.
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