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Old 01-15-2001, 10:33 AM
JaneBerez JaneBerez is offline
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Default 3 tier application

What hardware is best for building 3-tier application

Thank you
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Old 01-15-2001, 10:17 PM
digitiger digitiger is offline
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Default RE: 3 tier application

that is quite an ambiguous question as the choice for hardware depends on many factor and most crucial is ofcourse the bandwidth available for online transactions.
based on that you will have to decide the quantity and the mode of transactions . then another factor is ofcourse the use of your application whether it is upside down or not
that is in what direction the data flow will be more or if it will be an random manner like any node doing transaction with any other without any specified manner.

yet another point is the frequency of data input / updation and querries.

then will the database reside on only one central server or will it be a distributed one.

then will your application be webbased or will it be some application based

and then what database and operating system are u planning to deploy. there are some operating system for which you will have to contact their firms to supply their specific hardware (specially in most of the unix cases)

then most important is your budget if it is without ceiling then ofcourse you can go to market and just purchase the best available configuration or else everything can be trimmed to suit your budget
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