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Old 01-23-2001, 08:11 PM
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Default applications in frames?

i just came up with an idea of a small online counter tool but then crashed with a real big problem cauze...
if you image my application looks like
__________________________________________________ _________
this will be a statusinformation for the user displaying
an graphical counter telling the online time if connected to the net another bar will be on the botton over the taskbar ....
__________________________________________________ _________

the really big problem is if the user calls ie or nescape for surfing the web then the counter would be under these two programms when they are called in maximized mode that shouldn't happend so i am curious to know if i could execute these two programms between the two statusbars and maybe all other programms which will be called if my programm is active....

bye the way i've tried appbar but didn't fit my needs at all...

thanx all
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Old 01-26-2001, 10:21 AM
MrBaseball34 MrBaseball34 is offline
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Default RE: applications in frames?

Take a look at
They show how to create IEDeskbands. This is what you need
to create something like the "QuickLaunch" bar that sits on
the taskbar in Win98.
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