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Old 05-29-2010, 10:56 PM
johnacandy85 johnacandy85 is offline
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Unhappy Using an Interface (iinterface) in delphi ?? and Why ??

Today I thoght about reading on using interfaces in delphi. Though i used interfaces in .net and as far as i remember in .net interfaces were basically considered as abstract classes , i.e you couldnt create object of those classes and whenever there was a need of multiple inheritance people decided to use interface. However i am facing a bit of a proble implimenting interfaces in delphi.

Consider the code

MyInterface= Interface(IInterface) //Ctrl+shift+g
// Properties and their functions
function GetAge : Integer;
function GetMiles : Integer;

MyClass = class(TInterfacedObject, MyInterface)
function GetAge : Integer;
function GetMiles : Integer;

Now first of all why cant i go like this in the implimentation section
function Myinterface.GetAge : integer
showmessage ('function implimentation');

I found out that i have to declare the prototype of the function in the interface class in the derived class (MyClass) inorder to use them.
For example I have to redeclare
function GetAge : Integer;
in the MyClass

If this is true then whats the point of using an interface. I could have simply declared those functions in the Class itself and removing the Interface section should have no affect.
Then why use an interface if we cant define the interface function.
and why cant we go like
function Myinterface.GetAge : integer ;

I do remember in .net its different we could define interface functions and use them we just could use interface considering it as a base class only.

Any answers would be apprecited.. Thanks I am really confused...
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