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Old 07-24-2017, 03:23 PM
avinash.lkr avinash.lkr is offline
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Default Sumbit Mainframe Batch Job through Delphi Windows Application


We have a requirement to submit mainframe jobs from Delphi applications, we have tried the below options to achieve that,

Using TIdFTP:

1. We have used TIdFTP component’s “do comment” from Delphi to get Job files from mainframe
2. We have used ASCII mode as well as Binary mode on different times to get job or JCL files.
3. But sometimes we were able to get the job files in the debug mode but it’s not retrieved fully.
4. We were not able to download/get file name list completely.

The below is the snippet of the code we used,

FTPconnection.Host := “”;
FTPconnection.UserID := “”;
FTPconnection.Password := “”;
Mode = ASCII or Binary;
FTPconnection.Docommand(Custom command to get jcl file);;

Using Windows commands:

1. Also we have tried using windows commands to get JCL files from Delphi code.
2. Using “PUT” command, but when we are trying to use windows commands we are not able to connect to Mainframe to get files.
3. Also we have tried through .bat file, that also didn’t worked out.

Apart from that we have tried changing the FTP and windows commands to get the files but nothing worked out. Please help us to submit mainframe jobs from Delphi windows application.

Note: We are using Delphi 10 Seattle version.
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Old 07-25-2017, 10:04 AM
Norrit Norrit is offline
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and what is that magic command? (Custom command to get jcl file)

Sounds like you're using a command that doesn't wait to terminate, resulting in a partial download (since the command is still filling the jcl)

NB: I'm not familiar with Mainframe Batch Jobs, but incomplete is usually a threading/timing issue
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