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Old 08-11-2018, 11:35 AM
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Default Update 2 fields with DBlookupComboBox

I have ListField of names RaceClasses for a table racebike. The dbLookupComBox uses this RaceClasses list for the drop down.

The problem I have is, if the RaceClasses name is edited, the combobox does not find the original name and then comes up blank.

A way round is to use the RaceClasses Listfield and RaceClassID as the key field. That way if the name is changed, the RaceClassID does not.

The issues with this is, the tables now have the RaceClassID and not human readable one. There must be an easy way to update the RaceClassName in table bike from the corresponding name with RaceClassID once a selection is made.

The record pointer on RaceClasses seems to be set the the string list and not the table row so simple racebikeRACECLASSNAME.asString:= RaceClassesRACECLASSNAME.asString does not work.

Basically I want to update 2 fields with a dbLookupComboBox.
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