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Old 01-26-2000, 06:33 AM
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Default How can i know if there is disk in drive?

I have a programs that needs to read data from floppy disk and CD's!

every time i try to read and there is no disk or diskette i get I/O error!!!

how can i indicate if there is disk in the drive?
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Old 01-26-2000, 10:20 AM
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Default RE: How can i know if there is disk in drive?

One way that I've found that works is to use the Windows API call GetVolumeInformation to test if a drive is ready. GetVolumeInformation will retrieve information like serial numbers and disk pacities. If GetVolumeInformation can read a drive it returns true, otherwise it returns false. I've written a wrapper function that will help you out with your problem:

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);


* *if CheckDriveOK('f: ') = False then

* * * *ShowMessage('Drive Not Ready')

* *else

* * * *ShowMessage('Drive is Fine');


function TForm1.CheckDriveOK(Drv : String) : Boolean;


//Volume Information Variables

* *nVNameSer * : PDWORD;

* *pVolName * *: PChar;

* *FSSysFlags,

* *maxCmpLen * : DWord;

* *pFSBuf * * *: PChar;


//initialize vars

* *GetMem(pVolName, MAX_PATH);

* *GetMem(pFSBuf, MAX_PATH);

* *GetMem(nVNameSer, MAX_PATH);

//Now, get the volume information

* *Result := GetVolumeInformation(PChar(drv), pVolName, MAX_PATH, nVNameSer, maxCmpLen, FSSysFlags, pFSBuf, MAX_PATH);


Written by Brendan Delumpa on 11/4/98

This code was found at:
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