[ANN] TPasScript v5.0

New version of TPasScript component for Delphi allows you to handle Windows
messages directly in a script!

Click here to see demo:


The TPasScript is non-visual component that you can drop into your Delphi
application so that you can extend and customize an application without having
to recompile it.

Using TPasScript you can:

to write and run scripts;
to call a script routine;
to handle Windows messages directly in a script;
to allow user interface (buttons, memos etc) "be alive" during parsing and
running a script;
to use Delphi types, routines, constants, and variables in a script;
to control an OLE Automation server;
to call routines defined in a DLL;
to check script syntax at design time.

TPasScript encapsulates PasScript interpreter which is an interpreter of
a vast subset of the Object Pascal language that includes ordinal, real,
variant, procedural, pointer, file, record, array and class types, allows
modular programming on the basis of units and ensures exception handling.
This subset was extended by the Poly data type that allows you to operate
with dynamic data structures (lists, trees, and more) without using pointers
and apply Pascal language in the AI data domain as well. Demos illustrate
the use of the PasScript in mechanical theorem proving, character
differentiation, graph algorithmes, applied algebra, combinatorics.


1. Handling Windows messages.
2. Packed records, arrays and classes.
3. More fast compilation related to the const section.
4. More compact pb-file (binary p-code file).
5. Increased number of public properties that allow you to customize
parsing process and error handling.
6. "Alive" user interface during parsing and running a script.

Direct link to download trial version:
http://virtlabor.chat.ru/downloads/abpasscr.zip (D4, D5, 569Kb).

Thank you.

Alexander Baranovsky,
VIRT Laboratory

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