Addict 3.4 - Spell Check & Thesaurus for Borland Delphi released

Addictive Software is pleased to announce the availability of the Addict Spell Check & Thesaurus 3.4 release.

More Info:

Pro Version: $199USD
Std Version: $119USD
PlusPack: $49USD

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This release is free of charge for all current v3 customers. v2 customers who wish to receive this release, may purchase an upgrade.
Multiple Developer licensing also available.

Addict is a professional native VCL component suite that adds Dialog-based Spell Check, API-based Spell Check, Live ("squiggly") Spell Check for RichEdits and several 3rd Party components, Thesaurus Look-up, Auto Correction, and more.

One of the major changes in this release is to our interface with WPTools
( - there is a new Addict 3 / WPTools Parser and demo available on the third Party site that demonstrates this new approach.
Addict also works well with other 3rd-Party Products such as PlusMemo, TMS Grids, Dream Memos and RichEdits, RichView, LMD Memos and RichEdits, Orpheus, ESBPCS and more:

Our range of Dictionaries can be seen here:

Other Demos can be seen at:

And a Trial version and Demo App can be grabbed from:

Current registered users of Addict 3 should have received new download instructions via the Addict 3 announcement mailing list shortly.

If you haven't received this information, please contact:

What's New with Version 3.4

Version 3.4

* Major update to WPTools integration pieces to permit hookup of multiple controls to a single Addict instance and usage of LiveSpell without installing additional components.
* Allow the word at the cursor in a live-spelling control to be spell-highlighted if the control does not have focus
* Changed WordAcceptable to return False if an excluded word is encountered, rather than forcing all apps to check separately for excluded words.
* Added the ability for Control parsers to specify their TComponent (used in determining the proper form for dialog parenting)
* Fixed a dialog parenting / control issue with WPTools where the spelling check dialog would come up under a WPTools component located in a modeless window.
* Fixed possible range check problem when using the LiveSpelling RichEdit components
* Added exception handler for problems loading a MSWord custom dictionary whose file is locked or otherwise can't be opened.
* Added a fix for JvxRichEdit to better work with LiveSpelling
* Fixed an occasional problem with the AutoSpell component attempting to reference the FocusControl when there was no FocusControl.
* Added a fix to propogate LiveMenuOptions properly to RichEdit subclasses when using AutoLiveSpell components Any further questions can be sent direct to me

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