Addict 3.4.1 - Spell Check & Thesaurus Released

Addictive Software is pleased to announce the availability of the Addict Spell Check & Thesaurus 3.4.1 release.

More Info:

Pro Version: $199USD
Std Version: $119USD
PlusPack: $49USD

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This release is free of charge for all current v3 customers. v2 customers who wish to receive this release, may purchase an upgrade.

Multiple Developer licensing also available.

Addict is a professional native VCL component suite that adds Dialog-based Spell Check, API-based Spell Check, Live ("squiggly") Spell Check for RichEdits and several 3rd Party components, Thesaurus Look-up, Auto Correction, and more.

Besides some bug fixes and the addition of Italian Language support, this release also includes the updated American Dictionary and Autocorrect.

Addict also works well with other 3rd-Party Products such as PlusMemo, TMS Grids, Dream Memos and RichEdits, RichView, LMD Memos and RichEdits, Orpheus, ESBPCS and more:

Our range of Dictionaries can be seen here:

Other Demos can be seen at:

And a Trial version and Demo App can be grabbed from:

Current registered users of Addict 3 should have received new download instructions via the Addict 3 announcement mailing list shortly.

If you haven't received this information, please contact:

What's New with Version 3.4.1

Version 3.4.1

* Major update of several main dictionaries - all English, technical, and AutoCorrect dictionaries have been updated.
* Added Italian Language support to the Spell and Thesaurus dialogs.

* Fixed a bug with Undo of a 'Change All' operation not properly replacing text.
* Fixed a bug in CustomDictionaries that could cause an infinite loop if many words are frequently added and removed without growing the dictionary.
* Fixed a notification bug that could have caused components hooked up to a AutoLiveSpelling control to fault if attached components are deleted out of order without first being removed.

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