AIM ReportFactory 2.0

New version of the AIM ReportFactory (V2.0), the truly object oriented report writer, has been released.

This feature rich component enables you to integrate a completely object-oriented reporting interface, featuring Drag&Drop, into your own products. Alleviate your users from using SQL for the creation of reports and eliminate the necessity of supplying a database interface.

By using the AIM ReportFactory the troublesome separation between a report designer, a report viewer and a print preview becomes dispensable. The WYSIWYG interface of the AIM ReportFactory allows you to display published properties and data of your objects directly in dynamic reports, without the regress to databases, tables or arrays. By doing so you have the complete set of features and user-friendliness of a desktop publishing program at your disposal.

Features: dynamic reports that update automatically; batch reports on the base of templates; print; save; load; export to Excel, Word, PowerPoint, HTML etc.

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