Ann: AddictTools Add-On for RAVE 5

Addictive Software is pleased to announce the availability of AddictTools Add-On for RAVE 5 - with downloads available for Nevrona Rave 5.0.8 BE and RAVE 5.1.3 BEX/SE

Note: BE (Borland Edition) is the version bundled with Delphi 7, BEX (Borland Edition eXtended) and SE (Standalone Edition) are the commercial versions. BEX gets more frequent updates - if you don't have v5.1.3, contact Nevrona about getting it.

You can grab the Add-On from:

Or from

Nevrona Designs have developed RAVE, a superb Visual and Code-based Reporting Tool, with the ability to easily develop add-ons. With the help of Nevrona, we have developed an Add-on that allows users of RAVE to perform Live Spelling, Dialog-based Spelling Check and Thesaurus Lookup of the Text in their reports.

This Add-On is made freely available to all users of RAVE - which includes all owners of Borland Delphi 7 Pro (and above) - however D7 owners do need to make sure they have grabbed the recent v5.08 update that Borland has

Whilst source to the Add-On is included, you will need to own Addict 3 Professional (as well as RAVE 5) to rebuild it - though this is not required to use the product in the RAVE IDE.

You can grab other Dictionaries to use with the Add-On from:

More info about RAVE can be found at:

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