ANN: DLite 1.0 (Build 5)

DLite 1.0 (Build 5) has been released and is now available for download at:

* Support has been added for project groups. Now you can load a preexisting
project group (*.bpg, in a read-only mode) and have DLite compile and/or
build some or all of the projects in that group. The Project Manager window
allows you to compile, build, activate projects just like you would in the
Delphi IDE. Simply right-click on the Project Manager window or items in
the window to access project group related functions. "Compile All
Projects" and "Build All Projects" options have been added to both the
Project menu and the toolbar.

* DLite will now start considerably faster if you are not viewing the File
Explorer. If you have DLite configured to hide the file explorer, it will
not need to be initialized when initially starting up, thereby decreasing
the amount of time it takes for DLite to load.

* DLite's help file has been moved to the Microsoft HTML help format. The
file DLite.chm will now be installed to the Help folder. This format
allows you to easily view and search DLite's existing help. If you are
running an OS earlier than Windows 2000, you should ensure that you have an
updated version of the HTML help system. This update can be downloaded free
from Microsoft's web site. Just search for the file hhupd.exe on
Microsoft's web site.

* A View Source option has been added to the Project menu. Selecting this
option will load the current projects .dpr file into the editor.

* Shortcut keystrokes will now be displayed for either the Primary or
Secondary key mappings in the main menu. For instance, if the primary key
mapping does not have a shortcut for a specific menu selection, but the
secondary key mapping does, the secondary key mapping shortcut will now
appear next to that menu selection.

* .bpg and .ini extensions have been added on the Tools..File Associations

* You can now multi-select files when using the Open File dialog. This also
applies to the open dialog when adding files to the Favorites file list.

* DLite has a new icon!

Bug Fixes
* Previously, when using the "Open file at cursor" option, if the project's
search paths contained relative paths (i.e. "..FolderSource"), the opened
file would not point to its absolute path. This could cause problems when
attempting to save the file or add it to the reopen list. This has been
corrected, the opened file will now point to its correct absolute path.

* If a file associated with DLite was opened (i.e. from Explorer) while
DLite was in the middle of a compilation, the compilation would fail. This
has been corrected. The associated file will now be loaded without
disrupting the current compilation.

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