ANN: EhLib 8.0 is available for download

Dear Developers,

We are glad to inform that a new version of EhLib software - EhLib 8.0 is available for download.

In this version:

+ New components for planning and visual manage of time events.
+ New components to export DataSet to a text file and import from a text file
+ New property - RefLink in the DBGridEh.TColumnEh and DBVertGridEh.TFieldRowEh classes
+ Data transfer from DBGridEh and DBVertGridEh into clipboard with format compatible with MS Excel
+ Progressbar in the TPivotGridEh that shows a percent for data forming with possibility of interruption the process
+ Component that allow to hide other components on the Form at Design-Time
+ Export the contents of the TDBVertGridEh component into Xlsx file

You can get detail information on the EhLib home page

TDBGridEh component
Provides all functionality of TDBGrid and adds several new features as follows:
- Allows to select records, columns and rectangle areas.
- Provides special titles that can cover several or all columns.
- Can have a footer that is able to show sum/count/other field values.
- Allows to resize column automatically to fit grid width equal to client width.
- Has an ability to change row height and title height.
- Allows automatic broken of a single line long title and data rows to a multiline.
- Allows title to act as button and, optionally show a sort marker.
- Allows to mark titles by sortmarking sings automatically and sort data in DataSet.
- Can have frozen nonscrollable columns.
- Allows to show bitmaps from TImageList depending on field value.
- Allows to export data to Text, Csv, HTML, RTF, XLS and internal formats.
- Can sort data in various datasets.
- Can filter data in various datasets. 
- Many other features

TDBVertGridEh Component is a Vertical Grid. The component is used to display and edit a single record DataSet in a vertical orientation. The data is displayed in two columns. The first column displays the names of the fields in the second field values of the current record.
The component supports the following features:
- Allows you to display Memo field of graphics and pictures Blob fields.
- Allows you to wrap long lines and increase the height of each cell to display all the contents of the cell.
- Allows the user to customize the mapping of cell data.
- Has the event to dynamically change the font, color and other parameters of the cell, depending on the values of the fields of the current record.
- Allows you to display special tips Tooltips for text that does not fit into the cell.
- Allows you to have a dynamic line - created according to the dataset fields, and static - created and customized in advance DesignTime. It works the same in columns Columns TDBGridEh.

TPrintDBGridEh component
provides properties and routines for preview and print of TDBGridEh component with several features:

TPreviewBox component
TPreviewBox lets you to create a customizable runtime preview.

TPrinterPreview object
TPrinterPreview lets you to record printable data in buffer for following output them on screen and to printer. TPrinterPreview have all functions and properties as in TPrinter object. You can use TPrinterPreview object similarly to TPrinter except some details. In TPrinter Printer.Canvas.Handle and Printer.Handle is the same but in TPrinterPreview PrinterPreview.Canvas.Handle represents the metafile in that is recored the data and PrinterPreview.Handle represents Printer.Handle. It means that you have to use PrinterPreview.Canvas.Handle for drawing operation (like DrawText, DrawTexteEx, e.t.c.) and use PrinterPreview.Handle for such functions as returning information about printer facilities (GetDeviceCaps, e.t.c.). Global function PrinterPreview returns default PrinterPreview object and shows data in the default preview form.

TDBLookupComboboxEh component
TDBEditEh component
TDBDateTimeEditEh component
TDBComboBoxEh component
TDBNumberEditEh component
TDBMemoEh component
TDBImageEh component
TDBRadioGroupEh component 

TPropStorageEh, TIniPropStorageManEh, TRegPropStorageManEh components Using TPropStorageEh
These components realize a technology of storing component properties to/from such storages as INI files, Registry etc.

TMemTableEh component
It is a dataset that holds all data in memory and can get data from TDataDriverEh and return changed records back to the TDataDriverEh.

TDataDriverEh component
Deliver records from the server to the TMemTableEh.
Deliver changed records from TMemTableEh back to the server. 

TDataSetDriverEh component
It is a DataDriver that deliver records in TMemTableEh from other DataSet and deliver changed records from TMemTableEh back to the DataSet.

TSQLDataDriverEh component
It is a DataDriver that have properties for keeping five SQL expressions and parameters for querying data, removing, insertions, updating and refreshing records. TSQLDataDriverEh by itself can’t request data from server, but it can prepare parameters of the request and have a global event that programmer can write for transferring SQL expression to/from the server.

TBDEDataDriverEh component
TIBXDataDriverEh component
TDBXDataDriverEh component
TADODataDriverEh component

Downloads and store pivot data.

Component-control to display pivot data.

Component-control for configuration data structure and sections stored in the PivotDataSource component.

The component is used to store event objects such as TPlannerDataItemEh.

The visual component-container TPlannerControlEh contains a set of visual components PlannerView.

The visual component-calendar is designed to navigate through the days of the month.

Best regards
Dmitriy Bolshakov

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