ANN: EMS QuickDesk v2.36 released!

Dear Sirs and Madams,

EMS HiTech Company is very glad to announce
the next version of QuickDesk (2.36) --
The Best InterBase/FireBird Administration and Development Tool.

You can download the latest version from

If you have already downloaded one of the earlier versions of EMS QuickDesk,
you can download the .exe file only (see URL above). Just extract the
and replace your old quickdesk.exe file.

What's new in version 2.36?

1. QuickDesk's sql parser (and Stored Procedure debugger as well) now
support the following FireBird 1.0 language enhancements:

- SELECT ... FIRST ... SKIP statement
- SUBSTRING function
- '--' as new comment marker

2. Import Data Wizard: an ability of data formats definition was added. Now
the following features are available: (*)

- defining autoincrement values;
- defining constant values;
- defining default values;
- defining quotation actions;
- defining char case;
- defining char set.

The Import Wizard is powered by our NEW QuickImport component suite.
Welcome to for more information.

3. Fixed bug with appearing an error message twice if post or delete error.

4. 'Undefined object type' error message should not appear any more.

5. Fixed bug with manual size editing in Import Data Wizard. (*)

6. Option 'Word Wrap in Editors of Objects Description' in Environment
Options now works OK.

7. Some minor bugfixes and small improvements.

(*) -- Professional Edition only

Also we like to note that Thomas Steinmaurer has recently announced the new
version of his useful software IB Log Manager 2.0 -- The Logging Tool for
Interbase/Firebird. In this version he has implemented support of IBO DML
Caching Integration and some other great features. The IB Log Manager exists
as standalone application or as QuickDesk plugin. You can get full info
about IBLM 2.0 at

What is EMS QuickDesk?

EMS QuickDesk provides you with effective and powerful tools for
InterBase/FireBird administration. It helps to edit all
database objects, search in metadata, extract metadata,
print metadata, import data and export it into as many
as 12 most popular formats. QuickDesk also includes SP Debugger,
SQL Editor, Visual Query Builder, Grant Manager, User Manager,
BLOB Viewer/Editor, SQL Script processor, Third-Party plugins support
and many more other features...

Don't forget check out another our software:

EMS QuickImport Component Suite ( --
The set of native Delphi components for
importing your data from most popular formats.

EMS MySQL Manager ( --
The Best MySQL Administration and Development Tool.

EMS QuickExport Component Suite ( --
The set of native Delphi components for
exporting your data to 12 most popular formats.

EMS QueryBuilder ( --
Powerful component intended
for visual building SQL statement for SELECT clause.

We hope you will like our products. Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
EMS HiTech development team.

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