ANN: LMD ElPack 6.02.50 for Win32 (Delphi / C++Builder / BDS / CRS 200

Version 6.02.50 of LMD ElPack - the unicode enabled toolbox - is available now! Changes in release 6.02.50 can be reviewed here:

LMD ElPack 6 is a collection of more than 170 unicode enabled native VCL components for everyday work, that extend functionality of VCL controls, and also introduce lots of new features and customizable look-and-feel. The unicode support is not limited to Windows NT based machines but works also on Win9X systems.

Following component groups are only examples for the broad range of available components: Besides the famous tree- and grid controls for superior interface design, LMD ElPack also contains advanced tools for system programming and file access, database applications, multimedia projects, displaying HTML text, printing tasks or handling of regular expressions.

Most of the visual components support transparency, advanced font effects (3D, outline, ..), different backgrounds or -effects and Windows XP Themes styles. LMD ElPack also integrates a built-in HTML engine which is used by many ElPack controls or a native Theme engine, which supports themed controls even on Win9X systems!

Other new features are:
* VCL.NET port (final releases available Nov. 07)! Like all LMD 2007 controls ElPack components are now available in VCL.NET variants as well.
* Shared Runtime packages in LMD 2007 suite. LMD-Tools, LMD ElPack and LMD IDE-Tools share the same core runtime (avoiding redundant code and providing advanced features for all major LMD products).
Check Package Structure for more info:
* New native unicode-enabled XML Library! This extremly fast library supports XML and BinaryXML reading and writing with DOM like interfaces.
* Vista Style controls and support! Especially useful for IDEs before CRS 2007, but also with advanced features like TLMDTaskDialog which work in non-Vista environments as well (by simulating features of the Vista control).
* Updated Regular Expression evaluation support! The RegEx support from previous version was replaced by a new unicode-enabled native RegEx library with PRCE compatible syntax.
* New native ZLIB support. LMD 2007 runtime has built in ZLib library to compress/decompress any data (pure pascal, no object files).
* New CAB files support
* Native support for PNG files (as TGraphic descendant, Win32 only)
* New TLMDBitmap class which allows loading of GIF, JPEG, Icon or Bitmap Files without additional special VCL libraries (Win32 only).
* Improved native theme engine, now supporting Windows Caption/NC area and special setings for ReadOnly/Enabled states etc.
* Reintroduced TLMDMLGen component for template generated data output
* Many minor enhancements like improved HTML renderer (with support for any TGraphic descendants). shared imagelist support, updated container component editors etc.

More Infos
Supported IDEs are Delphi 5 - 8, 2005, CBuilder 5+6, BDS 2006 (including Turbo versions) and CRS 2007. VCL.NET compatible packages are in RC state and available for registered customers.
Each LMD ElPack license covers as bonus a LMD ElPack 4.0 CLX license as well.

LMD ElPack is available in 3 different editions. From completely free LMD ElPack SE package up to Professional Edition. Comparison chart for different ElPack packages can be found here:

Take a look at the Component Overview to check out which controls are included in different packages:

Download trials or precompiled Exe-Demos from public LMD Innovative download area:

To learn more about other LMD products visit the General Product Page:

If you are interested in purchasing check out the Order Page:

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email to or to visit our public newsgroups at

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