ANN: Office Add-in Express 1.5 - a way to create COM add-ins for MS Of announces release of Office Add-in Express 1.5

Office Add-in Express is a tool for creating Microsoft Office COM
add-ins. It hides complexity of implementing the IDTExtensibility2
interface that COM add-in architecture is based on. You are allowed to
create your own toolbars and place your own controls onto toolbars.
And of course it is possible to develop add-ins without GUI.

Office Add-in Express is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook,
PowerPoint, FrontPage, Access and MS Project including version 2000
and higher. With Add-in Express you can develop one add-in for several
host applications
. Now you are free to use full event support of the
host application
through the Delphi COM object wrappers (such as
TExcelApplication, TWordApplication, TPowerPointApplication, etc.).

Office Add-in Express correctly handles user's actions such as hiding
and deleting controls, as well as moving them to other toolbars. With
Office Add-in Express you can use Delphi forms, standard and custom
controls and components as before.

Add-in Express Wizard, add-in projects can be created by a couple
of clicks

Office Add-in Express is developed for Delphi 5, 6, 7.

Need more information? Please visit our site at

Download Office Add-in Express demo at:

The demo is a compiled and self-registered COM add-in for MS Excel,
Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, FrontPage and MS Project. Install it and run
one of the referred above applications.

You can see Office Add-in Express in action:
Advanced Excel Find

Advanced Excel Select

Project-MTA for MS Project

With best wishes,
Afalina Co., Ltd.

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