ANN: PasScript Runner, v1.59

PasScript Runner is a non-visual version of the PasScript interpreter.

Using PasScript Runner you can:

. run scripts
. compile script into a binary pb-file
. load and run compiled scripts (pb-files)
. customize error handling

Direct link to download:

PasScript is an interpreter of a vast subset of the Object Pascal language
which supports all Object Pascal data types except interfaces.

The interpreter allows you:
. use such concepts as default parameters, overloaded routines, open arrays,
records, classes, class references, objects, properties, events, and more
. create script-defined event handlers
. create script-defined callback functions
. import Delphi classes from dlls
. handle Windows messages
. control an OLE Automation server
. call routines defined in a dll

To learn more about PasScript, please visit site:

Alexander Baranovsky,
VIRT Laboratory

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