Baltic Solutions

Baltic Solutions Announces Support for Borland C++Builder 4

Baltic Solutions today announced full support of the Borland C++Builder 4. It will provide free updates for all current versions of its products within 30 days of the ship date of C++Builder 4.

Baltic Solutions is fully committed to Borland C++Builder 4. Within 30 days of the it's ship date, existing customers will be able to download updates that will allow them to use their favorite products with this new compiler. The free compatibility updates will be available as a no-charge download from the company’s web site.

About Baltic Solutions
Baltic Solutions is a provider of tools for professional Delphi and now C++ Builder developers. Baltic Solutions products extend the capabilities of Borland compilers with reporting, user interface capabilities. Products like HTMLReport, ColorMemo, DesignerForms and Animated SystemTray Icon are well known for their innovation and quality. Company also contributes to Delphi and C++ Builder cummunity by offering some of their products as freeware ( Applicata, TNetscape, TProgramManager ) and supporting/sponsoring various non-comercial events/ideas.
Baltic Solutions is a Lithuania, Eastern Europe based company.


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