Dr.Explain 2.0 released

Dr.Explain v.2.0 is a software documentation tool.

What is Dr.Explain:
It captures windows, dialogs, and forms from live application, makes screenshots, automatically adds references to all controls.
The program can produce CHM, RTF and HTML help files with interactive screenshots, menus, cross-references, and navigation.
Dr.Explain is easy to use and produces attractive and professional looking help files, that would otherwise take days to create manually.


What benefits v.2.0 brings to you:
Let's name just a few:

[Multi-tier document structure] - Create documents of any level of complexity.

[Hyperlinks in descriptions / Cross-linking] - Link your help pages and create cross-references.

[Spell checking] - No more typos.

[Custom name for page files] - Name your pages.

[New visual themes] - Adjust the document look easily.

[Custom CSS setup] - Apply your corporate style to the document.

[Intellectual orientation of bullets] - Dr.Explain arranges bullets the best way.

[Standard Windows toolbars parsing] - Capture your toolbar. Dr.Explain will do the rest.

[Indexes keywords in CHM] - Create index table for your CHM file.

[Search for text in nodes and descriptions (FindFind Next)] - Navigate through the project quickly.


More info about other 50+ improvements: http://www.drexplain.com/versions

Free copy: http://www.drexplain.com/download

Dennis Crane
Dr.Explain : documenting your software in minutes

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