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Chattanooga, Tennessee - Brain Patchwork DX, LLC, announced the release of DXSOCK™, version 2.0 supporting Delphi and C++ Builder. Brain Patchwork DX, LLC is a leading provider of Internet server development toolkits designed to help software developers produce TCP/IP or UDP/IP server solutions or integrate these types of solutions into their existing applications.
This VCL is a framework consisting of classes and components that allow users to easily create Delphi and C++ Builder Internet server applications. Delphi and C++ Builder are Inprise Corporation’s award-winning rapid application development tools.

DXSOCK™ 2.0 allows customers to take full advantage of the Internet while using the flexibility they have become accustomed to with a powerful rapid application development design. DXSOCK™ 2.0 is available to customers via electronic download or boxed media, including 24-hour technical support, full source code, demonstrations, documentation and integrated help files.
Ozz Nixon, Brain Patchwork DX, LLC, Chief Manager, states, “Responding to customer requests, we are providing the power of Internet server development in a native Delphi programming environment. DXSOCK™ complements Borland Delphi and C++ builder making the easier than ever to create commercial grade TCP/IP applications. Our customers will now be double to use Inprise Corporation’s award-winning VCL technology within their applications.”
According to George Lambert, President NetMasters, "We are so impressed with the structure and design of the DXSock™ Suite, that we have stopped all our server development efforts... All further server development projects will be done in conjunction with the Brain Patchwork DX, LLC. development team. They have proven that they understand how to implement an extensible server framework, which allows NetMasters, LLC. and others to focus on implementation not on performance or scalability..."

Tod Liverseed, Professional Data Analysts, Inc. “The server has not been down since it was started! It’s a pleasant experience to use controls that just work!”

About DXSOCK™ DXSOCK™ is a family of comprehensive toolkits designed to help programmers develop commercial grade high-performance Internet server solutions. DXSOCK™ gives developers the most flexible and powerful TCP/IP and UDP/IP technology available, by offering a suite of over 60 easy to use components that fully integrate producing ultra-fast solutions. DXSOCK™ goes beyond the basics of just supporting Internet protocols by introducing add-on components that help benefit performance and simplifying delays that are normally associated with the developmental tasks of Internet implementation. The results of over a year of research and development, the toolkit literally takes your development team ahead of your competitors. Included with this toolkit are extensive samples of source code detailing the functionality of different server protocols and the proper usage of the DXSOCK™ package.

About Inprise's Delphi and C++Builder Inprise's Borland Delphi 5 is a major new version of its award-winning enterprise rapid-application-development tool for Windows. Delphi 5 radically simplifies the integration of client, middle-ware, and database development.

When used in conjunction with Brain Patchwork DX, LLC’s DXSOCK™ suite, Delphi developers can now provided the total turnkey solution, to capitalize on the innovative business benefits of the Internet.
Brain Patchwork DX™, LLC. Founded in 1999 by two innovative forces in the Internet and Developer communities: Ozz Nixon, located on the East Coast of North America, owner of DelphiX and DelphiDeli, Delphi developer havens. And Internet Graffiti ®, the Italian leading Internet Company specialized in high-profile Internet development.

The formed a corporation with the mission to provide the best Internet server development suite for both the Delphi and C++ communities. Providing a commercial strength socket layer, simple to implement protocol layers, strong demonstrations with documentation and 24 hour support for our customers in one suite called DXSOCK™.

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    07 March, 2000
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