ESBPCS for VCL v4.3 - heaps of components and routines for Borl

ESB Consultancy is pleased to announce that ESBPCS for VCL v4.3 is now available as well as the subsets: ESBPCS-Lite for VCL, ESBPCS-Calcs for VCL, ESBPCS-Dates for VCL and ESBPCS-Stats for VCL.

This release includes the following:

a) New State ComboBox that allows you to have the States/Counties/Territories from Australia, USA or Canada (other Countries to be added) - also includes an option to display the Abbreviations. Will include Data Aware version in next release.

b) Followed some suggested improvements to routines, including faster Upper/Lower Case routines and convenient routines such as FloatIsNotZero, NotSameFloat, etc.

c) Improvements to the ListBox.

d) Heaps of new Conversions, including a new Conversion Component for Angular Acceleration.

e) FloatEdits can display Negatives using Brackets (previously this was only in the Currency Edits).

ESBPCS for VCL is a huge collection of components and routines aimed at making Data Entry and Manipulation easier for Developers and their clients. Support for Borland Delphi 5, 6, 7, 2005/Win32, 2006/Win32 and Borland C++ Builder 5, 6 and 2006. Includes full Delphi source.

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