Etv Library v3.4 released

Etv Software released Etv Library 3.4, the complete db component pack for rapid development of professional db applications in Borland Delphi.

New in this version:
- Compatibility with various BDE alternatives.
- TEtvDBGrid, the Lookups property for definition lookup information directly in grid; drag-and-drop, popup menu for grid lookup combo boxes.
- Lookup combo box, possibility to switch lookup list dataset; multi columns filters without describing of event; options to limit list box during incremental search, to show only key field when closed, to accept value then Tab is pressed, to auto complete search, to gray text when ReadOnly; new functions in popup menu.
- Switching on/off acceleration for grid and controls.
- TEtvDBText, the LookupDataSet, LookupKeyField properties.
- EtvConst unit, many default keys and options.
- TEtvFilter, Choose records with no one subrecord; properties to tune on various datasets.
- TEtvRecordScrollBox, the component for generation of one-record editing window.
- TEtvTabSheet, the OnActivate and OnDeactivate events.

Etv Library contains:
- powerful lookup components,
- enhanced data-aware grid,
- end user oriented query and filter builder,
- component for changing dataset sorting criteria,
- component for record search,
- field and components for short fixed lists,
- Edit Forms Calling Mechanism & Base db form,
- popup menus for different components for design and run time,
- editing dataset data in design-time,
- records cloning,
- record-by-record search/replacing for DBRichEdit
- other components and functions.

Thanks for your attention and welcome to

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