How Barcode Designer Software helps in Inventory Control Process

Role of barcode system in inventory control:-

Today barcodes play a very important role for inventory control, as it makes data recording or accessing process easier and faster. Barcodes contain information of the products on which it is labeled like product number, item, serial number, manufacturer information, lot number, manufacturing date, expiry date price etc. Barcode system enables user to track whole data related to the products by just scanning the barcode label. User scans the barcode sticker and all information is shown on the computer system. This way barcode system makes inventory control an easy task.

Barcode labels designer software:-

Now let us know how barcode labels are designed according to our need. Bar codes are created by barcode generator software according to user requirements. DRPU Barcode Labels Maker Software Corporate Edition is widely used for creating barcode stickers for various industries in simplest manner. This software is able to design and print barcode images for different business fields like manufacturing, warehousing, banking, retail, healthcare, shipping, posting etc.

Barcode designer application is inbuilt with many advanced features like:-

  • 1.       Software is inbuilt with barcode designer objects like pencil, line, text, pictures, rectangle, triangle, circle etc to design desired barcode images.

    2.       Program enables user to set bar height, width and density of barcode at the time of making barcode labels.

    3.       Software allows users to generate barcode list using random, sequential and constant value series.

    4.     This application provides option to save generated barcode labels in different file formats including JPEG, TIFF, Bitmap, EXIF, PNG, WMF etc.

    5.     Print settings option allows user to select print mode (Pre Defined Label Stock or Manual) to print created barcode labels.

    6.       Software allows to copy and paste generated barcode at Windows Clipboard.

    Inbuilt email facility helps to send designed barcode image at specified email address.
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