Iocomp 2.0 Upgrade and New Plot Pack Products Released

Iocomp announces the new 2.0 upgrade for their Instrumentation Component Products. Includes 6 new components: Sliding Scale, Sliding Compass, Dual Compass, Thread Timers, Spectrum Display, 3D Label, and Phone Panel. Also includes new Theme support, radically simplifying component setup and configuration, allowing you to save your component setups for future development projects.

Also released is Iocomp's new Plot Pack Charting Components. Includes the Plot and XY Plot Components. This new product contains the most advanced plotting and charting components available with unlimited X axes, Y axes, channels, logarithmic scales, various formating styles, intelligent scales, vertical and horizontal plotting, annotations, visual layout manager, high-speed for real-time applications, and 2GB data capacity.

All components include full VCL source code, and free upgrades to Linux version when available. 60-day VCL evaluation now available for download.

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