Iocomp Instrumentation and Plotting Components 3.0.2 SP1 Released

Iocomp Software is proud to announce the latest release of our Instrumentation and Plotting Components for Delphi, C++ Builder, and Kylix.

What's new in version 3.0?

> Many New Instrumentation and Automation Controls
> New Scope Component (Oscilloscope)
> OPC (OLE for Process Control) support in our Instrumentation and Plotting Components
> Kylix 1-3 Pascal and Kylix 3 C++ Builder Support, including Delphi 6-7 and C++ Builder 6 CLX Support.

Iocomp Components are designed for speed, ease of use, and flexibility in HMI, Industrial Automation, and Scientific applications. Our components are native VCL and CLX based components (not DLL or ActiveX), include complete VCL and CLX Pascal source code, and are royalty free when distributed with/inside your application.

Instrumentation Components: New Theme Feature allowing easy configuration, LCD Matrix, Pipe, Motor, Image Animation, Sliding Scale, Angular and Linear Gauges, Knobs, Sliders, Switches, Spectrum Display, Compass, Dual Compass, Thermometer, Phone Pad, Thread Timers, Log Scales, OPC Support (OLE For Process Control) and more. Full Pascal source included in registered version. Royalty Free.

Plot Components: The fastest charting, strip chart, and scope (oscilloscope) components for industrial, scientific, and engineering applications. Includes true Analog/Digital Scope/Oscilloscope. Easy to Configure Charts, Stackable Graph Scales, Unlimited X & Y Axes and Channels, Visual Layout Manger, High-Speed for Real-Time, Intelligent Autoscale, Logarithmic and Scientific Scales, Date/Time Support, 2GB Data Capacity, Curve Fitting, High-Low, Bar, Table, ASP Support, OPC (OLE for Process Control) Support, Full-Featured ToolBar , and more.

All components support Delphi 4-7, C++ Builder 4-6, and Kylix 1-3 (Delphi and C++ Builder Editions).

Iocomp Software

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