LMD ScriptPack 3.0 released

LMD ScriptPack is a collection of native VCL components and classes that can be compiled into your application royalty free. This package enables Delphi/CBuilder applications to support active scripting languages installed in Windows Scripting Host (such as VB Script, JScript, etc). TLMDScriptControl allows to run scripts from within your application and to share any application object with script interpreter engine. In addition it allows you to completely manage application objects within script, including operating with public properties, running methods, setting script procedures as event handlers etc. LMD ScriptPack represents also an easy way to make your application extendable by external scripts - so there is no need to edit source code (or rebuild projects) to change and/or enhance its functionality.

New in version 3
Complete redesigned Delphi interface to active scripting. There is no longer need to use Script Extensions as in previous ScriptPack releases.
Delphi wrappers for accessing Delphi objects from the script. New Import utility with heavily improved Pascal Parser is available. Import units which register almost all important VCL classes, routines and constants are already included and can be directly used within your application / scripts.
Complete support for event handlers:
- Supporting Delphi event handlers in script.
- Wring event handlers in script.
- Ability to setup (hook) event handlers based on Delphi RTTI (prepared for using in connection with LMD DesignPack).
- Event handler source utilities.
New advanced demo projects and ScriptPack Guide included.

Product Data Sheet:

Trials are available at
(select LMD Packs Release 2003 section)

Two Exe-Demos demonstrating the versatile features of the package are available here:
[1] ReportDesigner (0.6 MB):
[2] Database FormDesigner with event properties support (0.5 MB):

Supported compilers are Delphi 5-7, 2005 (Win32), CBuilder 5/6 and BDS 2006 (Win32).

LMD ScriptPack 3.0 can be purchased either standalone or as part of LMD-Tools 7.X CE.

Visit also the main LMD-Tools product page at http://www.lmdinnovative.com/products for more info about other other LMD Innovative products.
Order infos are available at http://www.lmd.de/shopping.

For any questions please visit our newsgroups at news.lmdtools.com or email to info@lmd.de.

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