MachineID v4.0 - Secure your software by Computer ID

We're happy to announce that MachineID SDK v4 just released.

MachineID SDK v4 allow you to generate computer ID to identify each machine (under Windows OS). You can use this ID with your existing licensing copy protection to lock each license by machine. Now you can prevent against unauthorized installation and increase your sales. Now control your distribution and eliminate license sharing using MachineID.

Features :

· Support .NET and Win32 application
· Support Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/(32bit)XP/2003/Vista
· Support Virtual Machine , detect if your application is running on VM
· Add extra information to customize computer ID
· Select hardware component(s) you wish to use (BIOS, CPU, HDD)
· Short identifier that anyone can communicate by phone, fax, email
· Reduce your time to delevery your software, nothing to send by postal

You can use MachineID SDK can work with all development tools support DLL, like :

· Microsoft Visual Basic / VB.NET / VBA
· Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++/C#
· Borland Delphi / C++ Builder
· CodeWarrior C++
· PCSoft WinDev
· PowerBuilder
· Visual Fox Pro

You can try our pre-compile demo here :

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