New SecureBridge Now Supports RAD Studio XE7

Devart team releases SecureBridge, version 6.4. The new update includes:

* RAD Studio XE7 is supported

* Lazarus 1.2.4 is supported

SecureBridge represents clients and servers for SSH, SFTP and SSL protocols as a network security solution. It protects any TCP traffic using SSH or SSL secure transport layer protocols, that provide authentication for both client and server, strong data encryption, and data integrity verification.

SecureBridge components can be used in conjunction with data access components to prevent data interception or modification in an untrusted network.

To learn more about SecureBridge visit

Pricing and Availability

SecureBridge prices start from 99.95$.

Additionally, SecureBridge has a 60-day trial period.

About Devart

Devart is a recognized vendor of database connectivity solutions for Microsoft .NET and Embarcadero Delphi development platforms as well as database development and management software.

Company's solutions support such databases as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, InterBase, Firebird, SQLite, etc.

Along with database oriented software Devart offers productivity tools for Visual Studio which help developers to be empowered, stay focused, and deliver their best all the time.

For additional information about Devart, visit

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