Resource Builder 1.0 Update Pack1

SiComponents is proud to announce the release of Resource Builder 1.0 Update Pack 1.
That was long waited since Borland Resource WorkShop 4.5 is happened. Now you have complete powerful tool for visual building RC scripts and resource files for your applications.
Update pack 1 new features:
Command line and console compiler
Resource Builder allows to use command line interface to compiling, syntax checking and extracting resources.
Drag-and-Drop and Windows clipboard support
Resource Builder now can accept files dragged from Windows explorer. Also included support for drag-and-drop operations between two or more copies of Resource Builder. You can visually build new resource projects from resources placed in old resource scripts. For performing drag-and-drop for resources just select resource item in resource tree and holding mouse button down drag it to another instance of Resource Builder where mouse cursor will change on accept shape. Clipboard Cut-Copy-Paste operations are supported too.
Updating resources in executable modules
Now you can update resources in already compiled executable modules such as applications or dynamic link libraries.
DFM (Delphi's forms) resources support
Now you can view and edit Delphi's and C++ Builder's forms in simple text format. Delphi's PackageInfo resource is supported too.
Merging RC scripts
Now Resource Builder allows inserting all resources from stored RC scripts. So you can build new scripts using stored files.
Saving selected resources to file
Now you can save any resource item placed in your RC script to file.
Compiler improved.
The resource compiler included in Resource Builder is improved now for better performance and compile speed.
Image Editor new features.
Below are new features added to Resource Builder's Image Editor:
Lasso tool included. Now you can manipulate free style border regions of image.
Zoom tool included. Now you can to zoom image in selected points.
Load from file functionality. Now you can load your graphic resources in Image Editor from bitmap files. It allows you to build Icons and Cursor based on images stored in bitmap file format.
Insert from file functionality. Now you can merge several graphic files into one.

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