SHG Builder 1.0 (Demo)

IG'S SOFTWARE is proud to announce SHG Builder 1.0.
Creating multiple-hotspot (SHED) bitmaps has never been easier!

SHG Builder will allow you to create your application hypergraphics by using two mouse clicks:

  • First click to start up a visual selector to select a screen region (any single control, or a control with child's)
  • Second click to build multiple-hotspot bitmap

Demo will compile a selected hypergraphic in a help file to show a help topic with just created SHG image on the fly. It will allow you to create and test a lot of hypergraphics super fast. For Demo purposes we integrated SHG Builder in the ProHelp 3.0 Demo. Actually, SHG Builder will be released as stand-alone add-on (COM server) to ProHelp 3.0. SHG Builder 1.0 and ProHelp 3.0 will be released in the next month.

What is a hypergraphic (SHG)?
In your topic files, you can include Windows Help multiple-hotspot (SHED) bitmaps (.shg) or hypergraphics. A hypergraphic is a bitmap that includes one or morehotspots. Hotspot is a region of a graphic that is associated with an action. A hotspot has an associated link (a jump link, pop-up link, or macro link). When the user selects the hotspot, Help performs the action. The specific action taken depends on the link type.

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