TAdvStringGrid v1.85 release

TMS software announces the availability of
TAdvStringGrid v1.85 at with this extensive list of features :

  • insert/delete/hide/unhide/autosize rows & colums
  • save/load to file, stream, CSV, XLS, HTML, DOC, formatted ASCII file
  • copy/paste to clipboard + intelligent automatic series expansion, duplication
  • cell alignment, cell color, cell font color, read-only cells
  • automatic printing with optional title, pagenumber, date, time, border,
    images, cell fonts, colors, custom drawing, fit to page, cell border, printing graphics
  • column sorting + full sort on column header click + arrow indication
  • event handler for setting hint of each cell
  • automatic selection of next cell after edit
  • automatic text display appended with '...' when text does not fit in column
  • search capabilities with options for case sensitive, full/partial, regular
  • bitmaps, icons, imagelist elements, multiple images per cell
  • fixed rows at bottom or right side of grid
  • intellimouse support for scroll, zoom & pan
  • enhanced inplace editor with left & right aligned input
  • shows URLs and starts apps on mouseclick
  • inplace editors : combobox, spinedit, ellipsedit, datepicker, checkbox,
  • buttons, autolookup edits, numeric edit, float edit,
  • capital edit, mixedcase edit, radiobutton
  • enhanced mouse actions to select columns and rows
  • enhanced column and row dragging
  • free rotated text
  • disjunct row selection in rowselect mode
  • OLE drag & drop source + target
  • enable/disable column sizing per column
  • Rich text display capability
  • Tiled or fixed positioned background image
  • Group / Ungroup methods and grouped sorting

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