TMS Grid Pack v2.0 released

Today, v2.0 of the productivity feature-packed grids of the TMS Grid Pack is available at

TMS Grid Pack includes TAdvStringGrid, the feature rich unbound grid, TAdvColumnGrid, the grid with column-based property organisation, TDBAdvStringGrid, the DB-version of TAdvStringGrid and TAdvSpreadSheet, the spreadsheet version of TAdvStringGrid.

New in v2.0 is the concept of a workbook, available through the included
TAdvGridWorkbook component. The new TAdvGridWorkbook allows seamless handling
of multiple sheets through a single grid used for methods, properties, events.

With the included enhanced TAdvGridExcelIO component (based on FlexCel
technology), you can natively save and load multisheet XLS files (without the need to
have Excel installed) in TAdvGridWorkbook.

New sample applications are available that show the new TAdvGridWorkbook in action.

A fully functional trial version is available for Delphi 4,5,6,7 and C++Builder 4,5,6 as well as over 50 documented sample applications and help file.

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