Windows Script Control: no OLE, COM, ActiveX to use objects in scripts

Ekas Software presents Windows Scripting Host Control for Delphi, allowing to use all WSH advantages in Delphi applications.

Lets to run scripts from application and shares any application object inherited from TPersistent with script interpreter engine. TekWSHControl component allows to completely manage application objects within script, including operating with published properties, running methods, setting script procedures as event handlers etc.

WSH Control is also the very easy way to make you application as extremely enhanceable system managed by outside scripts - so even no need to edit source code (or rebuild projects) to change and/or enhance its functionality.

Why you need a Windows Scripting Host control? There are many possible reasons. As examples:

-- You want to develop some application but don't know all desired functionality now. So it is just a case to include ekWSHControl! Place control on the form and make some interface to read scripts or script statements from outside storage (files, database blob fields, manually entered in memo, webserver, other applications using communication protocols etc.). Then your application can read and execute scripts at any moment you want. And you can do everything with your application's objects (inherited from TPersistent) beside script sources - it means adding, deleting, operating objects and controls, defining event handlers, running methods and more.

-- For applications to be controlled remotely via web services: place ekWSHControl and make write some code to connect web server, get script body or statement and execute scripts received via internet or intranet - for manage application, change its configuration and functionality or simply execute VBScript, JScript or any other script (installed with your Windows) on local computer.

-- You just don't know Delphi perfectly, but know Visual Basic, Java Script, Perl, Python, Rexx, TCL, XSLT, PHP etc... but just program (or part of complex system) in Delphi must be made? Make just a template application in Delphi with ekWSHControl and realize all functionality with your preferred script language - Windows Script Control will run it from your elementary Delphi program.

-- For applications which must run scripts, i.e. installers.

-- any other tasks which require scripting ability.

Windows Scripting Host control for Delphi Advantages

-- Any script language supported by Windows scripting host can be used for scripts: VBScript and JavaScript by default, Perl, Python, Rexx, TCL, PHP, XSLT and any other for which extensions are installed in Windows.

-- No need to implement OLE-server functionality for application or any object to be shared with scripting engine.

-- Any object descending from TPersistent can be added to script's namespace and operated within script environment, including all of its published members.

-- Any object descending from TPersistent can be created within script and operated by script or by application after script is finished.

-- Recently used events of VCL components can be handled by script procedures (and you can add new events very easy if having source code of TekWSHControl component).

-- If control is added during script executing (in script procedure), event handlers for it are set automatically if any defined in script's body.

-- If control exists independently from scripts, event handlers for it may be set just by one line of code (like "Panel1.OnClick:= ekWSHControl1.OnClickHandler", and then event handling is redirected to script's procedure "Sub Panel1_OnClick()", if such present in scripts body).

-- Simplicity of use.

-- Delphi 4, 5 and 6 support.

-- Native VCL code. You can port it to any version of Delphi32 (2,3,7) very easy if have purchased source code.

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