SakEmail 3.0.1  (Winsock/TCPIP)

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  • 07 August, 2000
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Easy to use SMTP, POP3, IMAP, MSG and MSGList components with MIME support for developing email clients or email-enable your app. Fully Open Source.

Forum: Sakemail
    the TNMSMTP component works fine with me. to help you, there is no authentification needed to send mail from an SMTP server, you just need a userID...
  • SAKEMAIL HELPPPPPPP (2002-01-04 07:52:05)
    Winsock error 10060 means Timeout, in this case because there is no SMTP server on the IP you tried. You cannot use port 80 - that's the HTTP...
  • SEND "INVISIBLE" MAIL? (2002-06-03 03:29:16)
    Why do you want the user not to see the email he did sent? I cannot think of any use of this unless you try to create some kind of nasty software...
  • TNMPOP3 IN DELPHI 7 (2002-10-10 02:47:19)
    ok but how can i do GetSummary in SakEmail i do use this component for all other purposes but i dont know how to do GetSummary 10x Amos
  • SAKEMAIL (2004-07-17 03:14:16)
    Can I ask what message index though? I have looked at the msg object and the closest unique id I can see is MessageId which is a string. If I...
  • INTERNET COMPONENTS (2002-10-14 04:01:28)
    The error number 10054 means WSAECONNRESET - and that one occurs when the server you talk with cuts the connection. So either the server did issue...
  • INDY IMAP (2003-01-20 08:48:04)
    HI i just checked the data i get when i retrieve the headers and for some messages (only in which i sent a specific file) i do get an attachment...
  • MAPI (2003-01-21 07:36:36)
    did it no help :-) 10x Amos
  • SENDING MAILS WHILE ON SERVER (2003-08-11 16:55:03)
    Well you can't do it then because you must download it to get the info before forwarding it. Now, there may be another way. Do you know the...
  • SAKEMAIL AND THREADS (2003-10-15 01:59:18)
    HI im sorry but i dont see the correlation here. im sending one mail inside 1 thread. i dont believe it is uses more than 1 connection and...
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