Products by Eric Jordens
EZNightColor  - 29 February, 2004

TEZNightColor is a component to set most system colors in such a way the computer can be used at night. All colors will be set back when calling SetBack or when the main program closes. Also a backup will be made of the original color settings. If...

EZProperty  - 29 February, 2004

TEZProperty is a property inspector for all components owned by the main form. Each component can be edited by right clicking the component and the property. Events and unsupported classes can not be changed. EXE-demo included.

EZGeoLite  - 29 February, 2004

EZGeoLite is a component pack to convert between geographic coordinates and the x,y on a computer map. It also contains conversions between ellipsoids, map datums and lots more. Contains 56 map projections, 50 ellipsoids, 223 datums and 23...

EZTexturePanel  - 29 February, 2004

TEZTexturePanel is a panel with additional properties. Properties included are: gradient background, texture background, moveable, sizeable, custom shape, transparent. EXE demo and HTML-help are included.

EZColor  - 29 February, 2004

TEZColor is a component chose and edit a color like any other colorpicker. Besides standard RGB editing it shows the HSV, HLS and Hex values for the given color. So it's just a component with a little different layout and accessibility....

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