Products by James Azarja
AppE x - 18 August, 2003

AppEx is TApplication Extension, with AppEx you can change some additional properties that not available on TApplication. You can easily change your application priority , make your application auto run , limit your application instance, show...

HTML Parser 1.8 - 17 August, 2003

A non visual component that help most Delphi A non visual component that helps you parsing your HTML file. This component will parsing your HTML into tag and text. You can easily intercept the event when a tag or text founded with separate event....

DBList  - 30 July, 2003

Simple example (for Delphi programmer) how to get database list (via BDE), table list and field list.

Virtual Keyboard 1.1 - 30 July, 2003

Simple Virtual Keyboard component. You can customize this component to create your own virtual keyboard, you can easily define your keyboard layout, create your own key and change keys' skin.

Sort Benchmark  - 28 July, 2003

This is a simple application that helps you find out which sort alogithm that run faster. Support bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, quick sort and merge sort.

SysInfo 2.0 PR 7b  - 28 July, 2003

A non visual components that shows all information about your system, including : Display Adapter (Chip, RAM, Revision, Supported Modes), Network (Adapter, Protocols, Local IP & hostname), Device Drivers, Locale Information, Disk ( Serial Number,...

IEEx 0.1 - 28 July, 2003

Easily integrate your application with Internet Explorer Extension using TjsIEContextMenu

FormEx 2.6 - 28 July, 2003

With FormEx you change some additional properties that not available on Standard TForm. With some clicks you can enable drag and drop operation to your form, change your form background with image (tile/center/stretch) or you can also use...

Visual MaxMem  - 20 January, 2002

Visual MaxMem is an improved version of MaxMem. Visual MaxMem not just only get all feature of MaxMem but also it powered with several powerful feature such as Free Memory Graphic , Speed RAM Defragmenter , Smart Priority Adjuster , Auto...

IE Control 1.2 - 20 January, 2002

IE Control , one of the latest Jazarsoft products is a powerful tools that very useful for Delphi programmers. With IE control you'll be able to control any Internet Explorer window . This component is a new breakthrough in software...

ZoomIt! 1.2 - 26 December, 2001

ZoomIt! is the commercial part of VCL Pack. ZoomIt! is enhanced bitmap viewer for Delphi. It powered with several powerful feature such as Zoom In/Out, Fit To Window, Color Picker, and the newest feature Area Selector.

MaxMem 1.1 - 19 May, 2001

Memory fragmentation ? Forget it, try this memory defragmenter component. This component will defrag your component by using simple trick, this component will allocating some memory this will make windows swap all data in RAM into swap file, and...

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