Products by Ingus Rukis
Vp KlavierMeistars 2.0 English  - 25 August, 2000

Vp KlavierMeistars is simple software for learning to touch type. This software includes touch-type lessons, text rewriting (from the screen and from a page on your table), keypad lessons, games, results (save, printout, analysis). Software also...

TVpRoll  - 25 July, 2000

Simple counter component for games. Useful in games like monopoly and others. For more information see the screenshot.

TVpRegColors  - 25 July, 2000

Simple component for interface design. It can save/load 5 colors from windows registry, so it's easy for programmer to change colors for forms, components, etc. Source is included, so you can add your own colors properties, procedures and events....

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