Products by Yaser Rajabi
GlyPack v1.0 - 14 January, 2006

GlyPack is a collection of high quality icons and glyphs provided for FREE . it contains about 155 multiformat icons and 110 bitmaps as follow: Icons 4b 8b 32b ------------------------------ 16 x 16 40 95 125 24...

TWPChanger  - 04 January, 2005

WallpaperChanger v2.01 * Change Windows wallpaper by only one line of code. * Select wallpaper position: Centered, Tiled or Stretched . * Change wallpaper at designtime through component right-click menu. * Methods to capture...

WinUP X - 20 December, 2004

WinUPX 1.01 An application that Allows you to use UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables)without any involving with command prompt, typing long paths and using different switchs. WinUPX provides a simple GUI to interact between you and...

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