Products by Fabio Macedo («Devilbinho»)
TDBGradientCaption 1.1 - 02 September, 2000

Allows you to Create a Form with a Gradient caption style! avaliable in RunTime and DESIGN TIME TOO!!! very cool and easy to use, It's Recommend for a Professional appearance to your Program

TDBSystemInfo v1.0 - 01 September, 2000

A Component that Get A LOT of informations about the PC and save to a INI file. enough call TDBSystemInfo.Refresh.

TIPScanner v1.0 - 29 August, 2000

Do you want to add a IP scanner in your app? well, this is all that you need: TIPScanner!!! VERY fast and easy to use.. only type the first ip, the last ip, the port and call START. Some tools included in the full version like:...

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