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TARSaveForm V2.0 - 07 August, 2009

TARSaveForm V2.0 This is not yet another Form Position Saver ! This One of course stores the form values on execution so next time the app is executed he remembers size, position etc... but as well it mantains two Form status for each Form: Design...

TARDisabler (English)  - 07 October, 1999

This component takes care of making a Disabled Appearence of ANY TControl.

TARMenuToolBar V1.1 - 03 November, 1998

ARMenuToolBar V1.1 This is a Toolbar Similar Component that shows an Listview with all menu items you can have speed on accessing huge menus ! Bug Fixed at ARMenuPage Execution Time Creation.

TARDBCalendar V2.0 - 08 October, 1998

Data and Non DataAware Calendar where you can select, deselect, disable any day at the Calendar. Very Customisable.

TAREregistryVariable V1.0 - 08 October, 1998

ARERegistryVariable V1.0 this object let's you to store,read at any part of the Registry Tree a Value. Now you can export,import view, the values at design Time and runtime of course.

TARHotKey V1.0 - 08 October, 1998

ARHotKey V1.1 This object lets you to use the standart menu hotkeys without any menu created. Now your visual applications can be more Keyboardable with this.

TARProtector V1.2 - 08 October, 1998

TARProtector V1.2 This component lets you to trigger an action after a precise time passes without any user input ! This could be usefull for example to do a screensaver, lock the application asking for a password to restore.. etc.

TARRichEdStore V1.0 - 08 October, 1998

TARRichEdStore V1.0 Never happened that you fill at design time a TRichEdit with a rtf formated file into the strings property and once you execute your program the format is Gone ? ! Well this object takes care that that doesn't happens ! It...

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