Products by Graham Murt
GmPrintSuite Professional v2.96.4 - 19 November, 2003

GmPrintSuite is a set of canvas-based, VCL components which can be used for generating reports from within your application with a full, WYSIWYG print preview. GmPrintSuite includes the following functionality... * Extensive range of...

TGmXML v0.12 - 19 November, 2003

TGmXml v0.12 includes the following changes... - Improved stability by substituting the following XML tokens: " & " ' - Added "EnumerateNodes" callback function for easier parsing - Added a new demo - Fixed some minor bugs...

Code Documenter 1.5 - 27 October, 2003

If you've ever needed to print a hard-copy of your source code, you'll probably have realised just how limited the Delphi printing options are. Code Documenter is a tool designed and written to provide many more options for producing much...

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