Products by Peter Hellinger
PersistentForm  - 07 August, 2009

TPersistentForm is a TForm subclass, that remembers the properties of itself and the properties of the components that are put on it. The properties are saved with the destroy event of the form and reloaded with the create event of the form....

PaletteBar  - 13 December, 2003

PaletteBar is a alternative component palette featuring fast access to the installed omponents. Version: 3.32: Meta categories: Put the tabs of common palette in "meta categories" for fast access. Put your most used components to a...

Customize Toolbar Sample Project  - 20 May, 2000

Professional applications like Word or Excel let the user design the toolbars and let them create new toolbars at runtime. This ist usually done with a little customize dialog and drag & drop functions. This sample shows you, how to get this...

DesignerFont  - 16 March, 2000

With Delphi 2 to 5 there is no 'official' way to select the Font, used by the FormDesigner to generate new objects on a form. So you have to use the old fashiond MS Sans Serif in 8 point, and change manually the font after all. Delphi...

TFileToolbar  - 16 March, 2000

Addition to Toolbar97 componentes by Jordan Russell. TFileToolbar enables the common Toolbar97 to save and restore its buttons and Separators (currently TToolbarButton97 and TToolbarSep97 are supported) to a Ini file or the registry. Very...

TMapTextfile  - 14 March, 1999

Class to handle text files as memory mapped files. Including efficient methodes for access like sequentiell read or random access read to text, high performance search routines and many more.

TFlexMenu  - 14 February, 1999

TFlexMenu enables you to add or remove itmes on a menu dynamicly. Useful for flexibe menu entries like MRU or window lists. Features automatic numbering of the added menuitems and automatic add/remove of separator lines.

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