Products by Liran Shahar
TMagnifay  - 22 October, 1998

TMagnifay. A Magnifay glass component, allows you to capture and enlarge any portion of the screen or bitmap. an improved component !

Tools  - 22 October, 1998

Tools unit. read it and weep ... does your program looks like this: ... Button1.enable:=false; Button2.enable:=false; ... I Know it !,Mine isn't ... Download this unit and you will reduce your code to half !!!! let me know...

TDosMove  - 10 October, 1998

TDosMove allows the user to move through the controls in the form with 'ENTER' or UP/DN insted of TAB and SHIFT+TAB, also it prevents the annoying sound when 'ENTER' is pressed in edit box

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