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TWPopOutFntCBo x - 02 November, 1998

Pop Out Font Combo Box Component for Delphi TWPopPutFntCbox is a Corel draw type font combo box that pops out a window with a preview of the curent font when the list portion of the box is droped down. The Preview updates itself to the...

TWWipeImage  - 12 August, 1998

TWWipeImage's WipePicture will wipe into the standard Picture Bitmap using one of 14 directional Wipes. Wipes can either be uncovering (The wipe uncovers the picture of the new bitmap) or Expanding (The wipe Expands the new bitmap),...

TWPopUpMenu  - 05 August, 1998

TWPopupMenu deals with all of its submenus as if they are all an array of strings. It has easy functions to add menu entry and allows propertys to be set that specify at what point do the menus cascade into a new coloum (Just like...

Owner Draw Scroll Bar  - 30 July, 1998

TWOwnrScrllBar is a Owner Draw Scroll bar. It's simple to use, Just add drawing code to the OnTopDraw,OnBottomDraw,OnTrackDraw events. Then it will respond basiclly like a standard windows Scroll Bar. Also has a standard Drawing mode...

TWLblButton  - 20 July, 1998

This Component turns Then caption property into a 3D button that acts like a normal windows button. UPDATE - Bugs Fixed!! Version 1.21

TW3DCanvas  - 16 July, 1998

This is a component that acts as a 3D canvas. It supports most of the methods of the delphi TCanvas Component. All drawing methods sent to the component will be rendered in a 3D manor (extruded or embossed) including Text,Circles etc...

TWMMorphBtn  - 16 July, 1998

A button component that can change at runtime to any of the system buttons such as the the close button on the caption bar or the minimize, maximize,help,combobox dropdown button,check mark,scroll bar buttons, form sizer bar

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