Products by BOURMAD Mehdi
BmAssist  - 12 May, 1999

A wonderful component for all your programs. With it you have an assistant, like MsOffice 97 and MsAgent. You can use several companions, only by changing a DLL. Your assistant display all messages and manage tip-of-the-day. In order to...

BmDelay  - 16 April, 1999

Implementation of Borland-Pascal Delay function, encapsulated in a component. During this delay, all system messages are performed.

DBVNa v97 - 12 April, 1999

DBNavigator horizontal or vertical with buttons like '97 applications.

DatePack 97 - 22 January, 1999

Set of Date components: DateTime field with drop down calendar like '97. tCalendar97, tDbCalendar97, tDateEdit97, tDbDateEdit97, tDateFromTo97, and a property editor for all Date fields.

Tabs 95 - 22 January, 1999

Enhaced TabSet & TabbedNotebook like Win95, but you can place them to Top, Left, Right or Bottom. Now Multi-Line is allowed.

BmAlias  - 22 January, 1999

Component allowing developer to create and delete BDE aliases. With this component, the same program compiles with all Delphi versions.

DevTools  - 18 October, 1998

This software is a set of small tools very usefull for everybody, but especially for programmers. Grep, Touch, DFM TXT, DB Export, ICO BMP, WinMatch.

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