Products by Alessandro Loffredo
TALSLanConnect v1.00 - 04 September, 2002

Estabilishes a netbios connection between two computers without prompting for login and password. Usefull when you need to access shares on a WinNT Lan. Fully functional but without sources (available on purchase/registration).

TALSEdit  - 27 July, 2002

This component introduces some useful features to the standard TEdit, it can: - Align text, - Switch to allow numeric input only, - Auto format numbers while typing with a custom mask Fully functional with nagscreen at design...

TALSCryptedLabel  - 27 July, 2002

Simple label with encrypted caption. It uses a strong encryption scheme with a dynamic key which is different for each label! Fully functional with nagscreen at design time only

TALSdatasetExport v1.1 - 16 May, 2001

Native Delphi Component, exports ANY TDataset descendat to: - XLS format without OLE or DDE!!! - DBF format - HTML format - CSV (comma separated values) text file - TDV (tab delimited values) text file. XLS file will reflect...

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